What Our Clients Say

Thomas B., Winden/Austria

“We are happy with our stainless-steel pool, above all because of its size. The length of 10 m not only allows for efficient swimming, but also provides enough space for multiple bathers at the same time. Children, their friends as well as their parents have sufficient space without getting in each other’s way and getting all splashed by the water.  The aspect we enjoy the most is, however, being able to practice in our own home, without having to leave the family for swim practice in the evenings and on the weekends. We wouldn’t want to miss our counter current system. It has lots of power, allows for an efficient and powerful swimming exercise and provides great entertainment to our children. Set to the highest level, it quickly generates a powerful current, similar to a natural white-water river, which our kids love to dive through. Thanks to the regular swim training with the counter-current unit, I was able to increase my stamina and break my personal record from eight years ago at this year’s Business Run – or did the pool make me eight years younger after all? Our kids, too, made good progress in their swimming club.
The heat pump allowed us to use the pool for more than six months in our first year, from mid-April through October. We still had a water temperature of 30° C in October! You really don’t think twice before getting into the water! We are happy about every single aspect of the pool and chose the exact right equipment and accessories. Thank you very much for always being very attentive to our needs and wishes during the planning and construction phases and for the great and knowledgeable advice and support of the staff.“

Nick Wilder, Montana/USA

“Asking Polytherm to install a stainless-steel pool here in Montana was the best decision. It was worthwhile adventure despite the long distance the pool components and crew had to travel.  The company Polytherm was very reliable and cooperative throughout the entire planning and construction period and the shipping to the Unites States went smoothly, too. Three years later, we are still more than happy. The advantages of a stainless-steel pool compared to a conventional concrete pool are huge: no cracks, efficient insulation and good heat storage. The pool is extremely low maintenance. And with the light it reflects at noon, it looks like a jewel in the garden!“

Actor Nick Wilder is well-known for his interpretation of the cruise ship doctor on the German television series “Das Traumschiff”, broadcast on ZDF, and many other German shows. Take a look at Nick Wilder’s estate and his Polytherm stainless steel pool here.

Petra Wagner, Rudersdorf/Austria

“I am more than happy with the great work Polytherm did — the entire process, everything from planning to installation, worked absolutely well. I am also very pleased with their customer service. I also appreciate how reliable the company is! The great thing about the Polytherm stainless steel pool is that you can enjoy summer without hassle and almost effortless.“

Alexandra Meissnitzer, Salzburg/Austria

“I went with Polytherm because the look and the many advantages of a stainless steel pool convinced me right from the beginning. Hermann Weissenecker and his team succeed in combining design and functionality. I travel a lot for work, that’s why it is very important to me to be able to rely on the product and the technology — which is 100 % the case.“

Peter Schnizter, Wangen/Germany

“Polytherm literally offers a comprehensive ‘carefree package’. It exceeded my expectations—from planning to implementation. The quality is outstanding, the schedule for completion was respected, without exceeding the estimated costs. I love the fact that Polytherm provides an individual one-stop service, accommodating the customer’s requirements and wishes. The stainless steel pool as well as the entire technical equipment is streamlined and works seamlessly. We have been enjoying our stainless steel pool every single day, for 3 years now. The maintenance effort is minimal. I would opt for a Polytherm pool again any time.“


Dr. Hubert Heinz, Leutkirch/Germany

“I’m using my Polytherm stainless steel pool now for the second season and I didn’t expect it to be so low maintenance. It’s great! The stainless steel pool as well as the water treatment and sanitation devices have already proved their worth. Not only does the stainless steel finish provide ideal hygiene, it also matches the modern architecture of our home.“

Ursula Dehler, Weimar/Germany

“Since the Spring of 2017, we are the proud owners of a Polytherm stainless steel pool. It is a completely different quality of life, since the first day we used it! We can do our swimming practice any time, no matter the desired water temperature. Despite very limited space available, the pool perfectly blends with our Bauhaus style home and was custom-made according to our desired dimensions. Swimming is fun, not to say an addiction! The elegant design, the wonderful finish of the material and the low maintenance make us really happy. In addition, we noticed a significant increase in our physical fitness level, with increased lung capacity of almost 20 % within a couple of months! All of our neighbours and friends are excited, too. We are very thankful and would like to share our appreciation with all bosses, staff members, designers and pool engineers in Austria!“

Helmut Haller, Altheim/Austria

“A couple of months ago, we almost ended up in a state of despair while looking for a pool. We consulted many dealers and producers who couldn’t disagree more in what they recommended and told us. They only agreed on one point: that stainless steel pools are the best and the most durable solution. That‘s why we picked a Polytherm stainless steel pool. The communication with Polytherm was very easy and straightforward and we signed the contract right after visiting the plant. Mr Weissenecker was available any time we contacted him to answer our questions and made sure the pool was delivered and installed fast. The drawings and drafts were completed in a heartbeat and the consultation was great. The technicians were reliable, fast and clean workers. They weren’t even distracted or set back by the rain. They explained the set-up in a clear and easy way to us. We love our Polytherm stainless steel pool and take a dip every single sunny day!“

DI Dr. Wolfgang Deutschmann, Vienna/Germany

“The perfect design and elegant aesthetics make my Polytherm stainless steel pool stand out. I also appreciated the excellent service that Polytherm offers.“