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Pleasure and relaxation at home

A Polytherm stainless steel spa combines elegance with a maximum of individuality. All of our stainless steel spas are custom-made, custom-shaped and custom-sized and designed to meet the needs of our customers. No other material offers a longer life and better hygiene.

The massage jets may conveniently be adjusted to your needs. Recover from everyday life with a relaxing full-body massage in your Polytherm stainless steel spa. We make your spa dreams come true — thanks to individual custom-made fabrication.

Why stainless steel spas?

Timeless elegance

High-quality material

Long life, lasting water tightness

Smooth, seamless surface

Fast cleaning

Ideal hygienic conditions

Resistance to weather and ultraviolet radiation

Simple winterisation

Short on-site construction time

Polytherm stainless steel spas are custom-made

Retrofit installation in existing premises and locations thanks to on-site assembly