• Stainless Steel Pools

Perfect solutions with long-term value

Stainless steel, the powerful material for perfect timeless design, has now become an integral and popular material in homes and gardens, too: It is he most durable and hygienic solution, and touching it with one’s bare skin is a pleasant sensation.

A Polytherm stainless steel pool combines classy design, timeless elegance, prime quality and highly efficient construction. The minimal on-site construction and assembly effort saves time and money.

Why stainless steel?

All Polytherm stainless steel pools are custom-made, custom-shaped and custom-sized.

Timeless elegance

High-quality material

Long life, lasting water tightness

Smooth, seamless surface

Fast cleaning

Ideal hygienic conditions

Resistance to weather and ultraviolet radiation

Simple winterisation

Short on-site construction time

Ideal for pool refurbishments

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